Ashley Engel – Interior Designer


Favorite Design Style:
Mid-Century Modern

Education: NDSU – Interior Design,
CIDA Accredited Program

Why design?
I’ve always had a knack for space
planning (Legos and my Barbie
house helped with that!) and it
evolved into a deeper appreciation
in my college years. My passion
for design grew to be one of the
strongest characteristics about
me. I’m mostly inspired by
colors and textures and the
variety they can produce. I love
design for the endless possibilities
of beautiful spaces you can create.
And for me if I’m not creating,
I’m not really living.

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Sydney Reimers – Interior Designer


Favorite Design Style:
Modern with Rustic Influence

Education: NDSU – Interior Design,
CIDA Accredited Program

Why design?
Since being a child, design has
always been a part of my life. It’s
hard to walk into a space and not
analyze or be affected by those
spaces. There are so many things
about design that I love – connecting
and collaborating with other people
in the industry, solving problems
creatively, selecting finishes,
and space planning. But nothing
can replace the feeling of a job
finally coming together with a
client standing in their space proudly
with your work displayed around them.